Fertilize Your Mind With These 12 Sperm Facts

Sperm are the cells that comes out in semen during ejaculation. You may have heard a bunch of random facts about sperm in your life, but aren't too sure if they were real or not. Well, I'm here to clear up some confusion and answer your questions. Please take the time to check out this list, and hopefully anything you weren't sure of has been cleared up.

1. Sperm Live For A Long Time

Sperm typically live within a woman for five days after having sex.

2. There Are Male And Female Sperm

There is actually both male and female sperm in a man's body. What you might not know is that the female sperm is stronger; therefore, you are more likely to get pregnant from a female sperm.

3. OJ And Sperm?

What do orange juice and sperm have in common? They both contain vitamin C, while semen also includes citric acid, sodium and zinc. For couples looking to getting pregnant, it is believed the male should have plenty of zinc in their diet to help with healthy sperm production.

4. You Can Improve Your Sperm

A typical healthy-lifestyle of eating fruits and vegetables, low stress, lots of exercise and taking daily vitamins will help make sure your sperm is the best it can be.

5. Use It For Your Face

Yes, sperm can be used a great facial cleanser, as it is said to help remove wrinkles and smooth out your skin. The substance is actually made by a Norwegian company and used in a high-end spa in New York, where you can pay $250 for a facial.

6. Sperm Is Sticky For A Reason

Why is sperm sticky? Semen contains an enzyme that makes it clot into a gel substance. Luckily, when sperm is airborne and dries it doesn't remain usable, so there isn't a worry about pregnancy.

7. Men Need To Ejaculate Often

Men need to ejaculate often to maintain healthy sperm circulation. So if you have infrequent sexual behavior, you're putting yourself at risk of your sperm not replenishing effectively.

8. Wireless Technology Hurts Your Sperm

Devices like laptops, Wi-Fi connections and mobile phones have have been linked to decreasing sperm production and quality.

9. Poor Lifestyle Choices Effect Sperm Production

Lifestyle choices such as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and/or obesity have been linked to causing poor sperm health.

10. Keep It Loose For Better Circulation

Wearing loose fitting clothing like boxer shorts, looser jeans, etc. help maintain proper sperm temperature. One of the best ways to have healthy sperm is to keep them cool, so keeping you testicles away from the body is key.

11. They're Not The Same Thing

Sperm and semen are not the same thing, despite it being used in the same context. Sperm cells are actually a part of semen, which is what is ejaculated during intercourse.

12. It Can Make It Taste Better

A fructose enriched diet can make semen taste better.
source : diply

Learn How to Flirt

Is it really too hard for all of us now to learn how to flirt?, are we beyond the neanderthal approach in our sophisticated modern world that we have created for ourselves or maybe is it just too silly?
It's our belief that too many of us can over-analyse the situation, so maybe it time to sit back and learn how to flirt and have fun at the same time.

4 Pillars of Flirting
I believe there are 4 cornerstones, or pillars of flirting that make someone a good flirt.
These are Attitude, Awareness, Flexibility and Intention.

How is attiture important? Consider you life as a movie. Where you are the writer, the actor, the director and editor of this movie.

You get to choose the scene and you also get to choose the ending. You get to choose what you focus on and this in turn sets the scene for you movie.

Now, if you don't like anything that is happening in your movie then you change the movie.

So aside from external circumstances beyond out control, we can have control over our own movie.

We can control the attitude, the lines of our mutual dialogue, our flexibility in the way we react, our awareness in what we focus on and our intention by directing the movie.

The only problem is we cannot control other actors, the people we come across during the course of our life. We cannot stop people from not liking us or wanting to talk to us.

Remember what we believe about others affects how we treat them, and in turn, how they respond to us.

Learning How to Flirt
Practice makes perfect. The first step is to make sure you practice. It does not have to be with the one guy or girl you have had your eye on this last year, but anyone beyond the ring of your closest family or friends would help. In fact it is easier to learn how to flirt when there is less at stake sometimes. But remember you have to be careful. You don't want to hurt anyone in the course of your practice. It should be harmless flirting. Make your intentions clear that is nothing serious but just harmless flirting.

Learn how to flirt - what do we need to practice?

If there was one area or flirting tip to practice for most people it is 'eye contact'.

Eye Body Language

First of all practice making eye contact with whomever you meet or even pass in the street. It is great for self confidence. Make sure that in your work place and friends and family you make eye contact. Gaining self confidence will not hurt you in any case.

Put it another way - when you have felt less than confident - how much eye contact do you give? Probably not much.

Well why not put the cart before the horse and learn how to flirt with the basics, and start making eye contact and watch your confidence grow.

Secondly, it gives you that all important practice at maintaining eye contact while your knees start to shake or you feel queezy looking at that cute guy or girl - and doing this until you get used to it.

Now before you start walking around your neighbourhood eyeing every man, women and child like a social outcast, let us set the ground rules. You have to do subtly and politely.

First, practice just walking past someone in the street  ..... Just try smiling and making eye contact with them.

Don't be discouraged if they don't return your smile. For many people, others will not smile back straight away at the beginning but that's all part of our practice and learning here.

Overcoming Fear of Rejection

In fact its critical as we develop our new confidence - not based on others thoughts or reactions.

Just try and practice this at least a few times per day. If you do nothing else for this week, just keep making eye contact to build that confidence.

If you are chatting with someone, just make sure you aren't looking at your feet but instead concentrating on the person's face. Look away once in a while so they don't think you are staring them down of course.

source: ( TopTipsClub)

7 NEW Things You Never Knew About Kissing

Check out part 1

1. You practiced your kissing stance in the womb. Two-thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss. Weirdly, this is a habit you might pick up before you're even born, according to Women's Health. Most fetuses tilt their head to the right while in the womb as well. So it looks like you start practicing pretty early.

2. Kissing might determine the fate of your relationship. Couples that are really good at making out together tend to have healthier relationships, according to Sheril Kirshenbaum's The Science of Kissing. So if you can't make out without having an argument, well ... that should tell you something.

3. Kissing releases endorphins and oxytocin. Making out is going to get you feeling happy and positive and less stressed.

4. Your lips are actually more sensitive than your junk. It's part of the reason we love kissing so much. Our lips are super-sensitive according to Krista A. Bloom. You have a ton of nerve endings in your lips: approximately 10,000. The clitoris only has 8,000.

5. The longest kiss on record lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds. Think about that world record the next time you see some gross PDA.

6. Not all cultures kiss. A lot of cultures didn't kiss each other on the lips until European explorers introduced them to it. Inuits famously rubbed noses and smelled each other's cheeks. Some cultures in the Middle East and Asia still look down on kissing in public.

7. Humans aren't the only animals that kiss. Cows, puffins, squirrels and even snails also kiss, although chimpanzees are the only animals whose kisses resemble a human kiss. All the other ones look like awkward face-touching.
source: [cosmopolitan]

10 Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

Why We Can’t Put The Toilet Seat Down? We try to remember. We know you hate it when you plop down on an open toilet in the middle of the night and get your vagina wet—believe me, we know. But the thing is, we’re just on autopilot while we’re urinating. Flip the seat up, let it go, flush (if you’re lucky), and leave. Sorry about that.

Our Inability To Remember Details? It’s not that we can’t remember shit. Of course we can. It’s just that we don’t place the same importance on the same things. We’re great with sports statistics and movie quotes, but when it comes to your friend’s baby’s name or what you were wearing on our first date, well…

Our Need To fix Things? Sure, it’s easier to just call the landlord, but that’s for girls. We like the opportunity to break out the toolbox and repair (or at least attempt to repair) anything that’s broken.

Towel rack came off the wall? Easy. Toilet’s running? Probably need a trip to the hardware store (Bonus!).

The Hilarity Of Farts? How can you not like a nice, loud tooter to punctuate a point you’re trying to make? Or slipping out an SBD in a crowded room? Or shoving your head under the covers for a good old-fashioned hot box? It’s the height of humor.

Our Obsession With Gadgets? We like electronics. We like buttons. Even if it’s the most useless shit in the world, we want it and will spend hours playing with it.

Why We Try To Get You To Break Up With Us? This is on the darker side, because we know it’s not really fair. But men just don’t do emotion like the ladies, and when we do have to deal with it, we’re much more comfortable reacting, rather than instigating. So we act all mean and distant until you break up with us. Is it right? No. Does it work? Yes.

Our Love Of Boobs? What’s not to get? Boobs are awesome.

Why We Hate Shopping So Much? Shopping for men is never the whimsical good time depicted in countless ‘80’s movie montages. It’s boring. And annoying. And expensive. Just pick something, already.Keeping Our Emotions Bottled Up Is Actually A Good Thing? You can blame society, testosterone, or both, but men convert all negative emotions (such as sadness, embarrassment or jealousy) into anger. When we’re going through puberty, we either want to fuck or smash pretty much everything we come across. By adulthood, most of us can tamp it down—we want to be civilized. But you really don’t want to open that door. You might as well release the Kraken.

We Like Getting Compliments Too? And flowers. When’s the last time you sent your man flowers?

FIND OUT Why men CHEAT on LOYAL women?

Even best dating websites can't help!

IT has long been established that if a man wants to cheat he will cheat, no matter how good is the woman he has at home. And there is nothing you can do to stop a man from cheating on you if he has made up his mind to do so. Even if you are loyal.

Forty-one-year-old Georgina S said after 13 years, her husband cheated, and nothing she said or did seemed to make a difference.

"I know for sure that no matter how loyal you are, if he wants to cheat he will cheat," Georgina said. "I never once went outside my marriage. And one day he looked at me and told me that he wished I would cheat even once just so I would understand why he does it."

"Very simply put, men cheat because they can," clinical psychologist Ashlei McFarlane said. "Of course, not all men cheat, so I am speaking only of the subset that actually do."

McFarlane said researchers have identified the following as some reasons why men cheat:

1. Gender. Men are more likely than women to commit infidelity, largely because men have more testosterone, which is one of the fuels for sex drive.

2. Relationship reasons. He may cheat because he feels dissatisfied with the relationship. This can be because of lack of sexual desires being fulfilled, spouse unavailability due to work, school or family commitments.

"A lot of men complain of feeling left out after the birth of a child, for example, and long to be the centre of attention again," McFarlane said.

3. Situational reasons. "Others cheat because of the situation. A man might not have a personality prone to cheating, and might be in a perfectly happy relationship, but something about his environment puts him at risk for infidelity," McFarlane said. "Alcohol is known to lower one's inhibitions, so a few drinks coupled with being alone in an intimate setting, say, after work with a co-worker, can lead to cheating. An overabundance of women in the work or school setting, for instance in our tertiary institutions where the females outnumber the males by far in many programmes, is another reason. This can lead the man in a relationship to feel as though he is a kid in a candy store."

4. Work environment. Work environments that involve close contact and touching between co-workers have been known to spark workplace romances even among those who are married or already in relationships.

5. The 80/20 rule. "A man will generally only get about 80 per cent of his needs satisfied by any one woman. Some men will accept this as the way it is, while others will decide to fill the last 20 per cent with someone else," McFarlane said. "So a man in a committed relationship or marriage will have his gorgeous, classy, educated, loyal wife, the mother of his children, his arm candy at social and business functions, but she does not know how to fill his wildest sexual fantasies and some men even feel it would be out of order to request that their beautiful wife perform such acts. So he goes to the girl who is less inhibited but perhaps is not wife material, but she will go on her head top and whatever else he requests so that he can have a good time and go back home to his family a happy man," she explained.

McFarlane explained that the whole socialisation that black men go through to say that this is the norm is also a contributing factor to cheating on loyal women.

"I believe that has been hammered so much into some men's heads that it becomes a part of who they are even though they are married or in committed relationships," she added. "Some also do it for the thrill of the chase, like it gives them a rush to see that they can get this one and that one."


5 things women must not do in a relationship

Written from a man's point of view

Number 1 : Constant nagging

Sarcastically said, we. will all agree that men are stupid and primitive, even smart guys are stupid. This is why women feel enabled to tell us what to do all the time. The more we stay silent in order not to get into wasteful arguing, the worse it gets! :

"You are driving too quickly! You are driving too slow! The music is too loud! Change the station! Why didn't you fix my computer?! Peter has a better car! I want a new phone! Buy a new car, your's is shit!  We don't have money why did you buy that new car...." - Well f*** you!
So remember we know you are better than us in every possible way, just keep your comments to yourself or at least try use them in moderation.
Number 2

Do not step on your man's ego
Do not constantly judge and doubt us. On the contrary, you should support us. What makes a great man is a great woman beside him.

Number 3

Do not flirt with random guys or friends. Man's worst fear is being with a woman that anyone can have. Even if you are not so easy, your loving personality might be wrongly interpreted, for instance if you are the type of girl that hugs and kisses everyone, instead of sweet some may see you a bit slutty.

Number 4

Do not ever in your life touch his car without his permission! Just don't!

Number 5

Do not let him have you on the first date. This makes you very uninteresting for him and it also makes a bad impression. Try to make him fight for it, but don't make him wait too long as he will ditch you for sure. Moderation is the key to success and happiness.

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